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Innovation & Integration

Whether you are a small business that needs a single dedicated server or a large organization that needs enterprise-class managed hosting and database administration, All-and-1 will provide affordable and scalable solutions to enhance your business.  We specialize in making your infrastructure safe, secure and reliable 24-7-365!

Why All-And-1?

Cloud Services

All-and-1 Consulting offers a safe, highly secure, and reliable alternative to on-premise technology and will work with you to determine the best cloud solutions for your needs.

  • Cloud Based Backup
  • Hosted Email with Microsoft Office 365
  • Email Archiving & Encryption
  • Mobile Devices
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Disaster Recovery Solutions

Whether you are a world leader in your field or a one person business, you need cost-effective and dependable business continuity and disaster recovery solutions.

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Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity Disaster Recovery service minimizes downtime & keeps your business operational. Be prepared for any emergency, from flood waters, to natural disasters to extended power outages.

Our Services

Our Services

Are you in need of someone to assess your current IT configuration? Are you looking for Desktop or Server Virtualization? Does your Telecomm system need an overhaul? All-and-1 is your one stop resource for your IT and Telecomm services.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Think of the cloud this way — all of your IT needs in a safe single place, that you can securely access from anywhere, anytime on any device without ever having to think about it again! That’s the power of cloud services — 24/7/365.

Managed Services

Managed Services

Our managed services pave the way for businesses to thrive in the cloud era, embracing mobile users, personal devices, wireless access, app stores, SaaS, and cloud infrastructure.

IT Services

The combined skills, knowledge, and experiences of Armory5’s entire team sets us apart from competitors and allows us to provide your company with the IT solutions it needs whether simple, complex, or anywhere in-between.

Strategic Planning

The alignment of information technology with your organization’s vision for budget, timeline, growth and new opportunities.

Outsourced CIO

Executive-level decision making, start-to-finish management and implementation of information workflow, systems upgrades, and achieving desired results from strategic roadmaps.


Our professional team offers solutions and advice on a variety of technology platforms including hardware, operational software, security, networking, cloud, and more.

Managed Services

Maintaining security, stability, and efficiency of your IT infrastructure through pro-active monitoring in a policy-driven environment.

IT Infrastructure

Designing, engineering and implementation of resilient hardware and software systems to support organizational workflow, optimize productivity, and minimize risk.

Help Desk

Centralized support and customer service via telephone and customer portal to report, track, and resolve all IT issues.

Armory5 is born out of experienced technicians, C-level business consultants, and unmatched customer service allowing your organization a strategic IT partnership with a company you can trust.


In addition to IT consulting and services, the executive team at Armory5 has over forty years of combined C-Level experience including CEO/CFO/COO across multiple industries, IT CIO, Marketing Planning and Management, and Legal Counsel related to IT acquisitions and operations. Let our experience work for you.


Understand the vision for your company’s future and
develop a lasting partnership built with trust.


Create a mutual understanding of your goals which allows
us to develop a roadmap and implementation plan.


Follow through on your vision to create the systems and
infrastructure your company requires for success.


Support and training in implementing revised work flow,
efficiency directions, SOPs, and Standards.

Armory5 works with you to create a long-term IT or Business strategy aligned with your company’s vision.


Our digital marketing program is specifically designed to provide an affordable online marketing solution to our clients and small to medium-sized businesses. Our adept professionals can help you organize what you may already have in place, create and capture what you need, identify your business’ needs, and target the goals you want to hit in the future.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Studies show that 76% of us will use a search engine, such as Google, to find local businesses and 23% will search through social media. Ask yourself: can you be found? And if you can, what is being found? Is your address and phone number correct? Can people get directions to your business via an online map?

An SEO plan with A5 can increase your organic search traffic, ensure local business listings are claimed and correct, and assist in increasing your site’s ranking for keywords related to your services or products.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

At least 46% of web users look to social media before making a purchase. Whether this is to look for a specific product, review brand and service reviews, connect directly with a business for support, or just to do their research, if you’re not on, up-to-date, and active on social media, your business is missing out.

A5 can help you choose which social media platforms are right for you as well as build and maintain these profiles. This will: build and positively impact your brand, direct traffic to your website, and cultivate the relationship your business has with its customers.


Content Marketing

As online marketing passes the twenty year old marker, it is clear that the tides have shifted from a one-way conversation with only the businesses speaking to their consumers to something called content (or inbound) marketing where the consumers actively search and find you.

By working with your company, A5 will work to help you create the content that your consumers are looking for. Our team will then drive this content to your online audience through a mixture of e-Newsletters, email campaigns, blogs, social media posts, and website updates.

Website Content Management Services (CMS)

Your website is your digital storefront. This is one of the first places your customers will visit to find out all about you. If you’re struggling to find the time and resources to put into knowing your site is exactly how you want it to be, that’s a problem. Outsourcing your CMS can ensure that your website is optimized and responsive not only to those searching on a desktop but also to the 80% of consumers searching on their smartphones.

Outsourced CMS also provides you the ease of knowing the information on your site is accurate, complete, and consistent based on your business’ Content Marketing.

Armory5 has over 15 years combined experience in digital marketing. We are constantly learning what’s new and improved because just like your business, online marketing never stands still.


ar·mor·y /ˈärmərē – 2. an array of resources available for a particular purpose.
When you work with Armory5, you have a complete armory of professional resources and experiences at your disposal.

C-Level Executives

Armory5 is led by those with experience at the CEO, CFO, COO, & CIO levels. With over forty years combined service at the C-Level, we understand how a company operates from top to bottom and have faced all the ups and downs – especially with IT. This makes us uniquely qualified to to help your company get the most out of your IT from start to finish.

Operational Management

Armory5 pulls from our broad experiences in operational management ranging from small, start-up businesses to a Fortune 500 company. We can help you analyze your workflow, increase and track your efficiency, and gain control to obtain your business goals.

Experienced Technicians

Our technicians are some of the best in the country with a wide range of experience. They can design, implement and manage IT infrastructures ranging from simplistic to complex. Our technicians can provide IT consulting and strategy tailored to your business’ needs.

Digital Marketing Experts

Our Digital Marketing Experts are deftly able to analyze the state of your current digital portfolio. With proven success in redirecting established business’ online presence, expanding existing business’ reach, and launching brands from the ground up, Armory5 can provide you expertise and guidance in reaching your vast online audiences.

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.”
Alan Lakein


Whether your company is amidst a significant business transformation designed to gain a competitive advantage or embarking on a large technology shift, Armory5 can help ensure your success by properly aligning technology adoption and execution with upstream organizational objectives. We evaluate common disconnects in an enterprise environment and identify opportunities to deliver value and innovation through IT.

Our design services bridge the gap between business strategy and successful execution. We will develop recommendations and put them in context through the lens of your executive team, business and operations managers, and IT practitioners.

We provide perspective on:

• IT Architecture
• Making the case
• Opportunities for immediate value
• Bridge to common language between IT and the Business
• Plan for Innovation Architecture: Business + IT.

Based on a comprehensive study of your business, its objectives, and desired outcomes, our team will design an IT strategy and architecture that provides for a future state to power your business. Practically speaking, it’s a roadmap that applies proven internal processes, innovation and years of technical experience via system delivery that will optimize your company’s business performance. With end-to-end consulting services, we can build tailored IT strategies for the most complex enterprises.

Take advantage of our armory of services to support an innovation driven enterprise.

Business Architecture • Assessment Services • IT Strategy & Delivery
Enterprise Security • Application Migration • Cloud & Managed Services • Managed Service Plans

“Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don’t think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other.”
Bill Gates

5 Pillars

Is your company’s IT a cost center or is it an innovative engine that allows for the agility needed for rapid growth & change?


Understanding the vision for your company’s future and develop a lasting partnership built with trust.


Creating a mutual understanding of our clients’ goals will allow us to develop a roadmap and implementation plan.


Following through on your vision to create the systems and infrastructure your company requires for success.


We will maintain and proactively manage your infrastructure to stop problems before they even start.


Our goal is to provide your company with outcomes that exceed expectations while improving workflow and profitability.