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Business Continuity

Fail Over

Disaster Recovery


Our Business Continuity & Resilience professionals have led the development and implementation of continuity programs across a diverse range of industry sectors, building a wealth of knowledge.

Does your company have the necessary processes in place to ensure the continuity of your business in case of a crisis or disaster? To avoid and mitigate continuity risks, Armory5 can assist your organization either by assessing existing continuity processes and plans in order to provide pragmatic recommendations for improvement, or by helping to develop and maintain a BCM Program specified to your needs.

Whether you are starting from scratch, building on an existing business continuity program or already having sophisticated capabilities around the globe, our team can help take you to the next level. Amory5’s experience combined with the use of a strong operational business continuity methodology helps clients build organizational resiliency, a state in which issues are identified and prevented before they arise, and people are prepared to manage the unexpected. Our Armory5 BCM methodology is successfully field-tested in different environments and gets continuously improved. It also includes a comprehensive package of hands-on worksheets, databases and checklists that are currently used in actual business practices.



Business Continuity Areas of Focus

Armory5’s approach to improving an IT organization’s resiliency and recoverability capabilities, harnesses the strength of our knowledge and industry experience, business process optimization, technology infrastructure improvement, and risk and compliance experience. Our pragmatic and time-tested methodology has successfully helped our clients improve their resiliency, crisis response, and recoverability. Regardless of the maturity or where in the lifecycle of your continuity program currently is, Armory’s Performance Business Continuity Management Services will enhance the program’s strategic benefits.

Armory5’s Business Continuity Services

Armory5’s Business Continuity Services relate to the process of identifying, preventing and preparing for events that may disrupt business activities and the plans needed to recover efficiently and effectively including:

  • Business continuity management program assessment
  • Business continuity management program implementation
  • Business continuity management program testing, maintenance, and training
  • Disaster recovery planning