Effective operation and management of your increasingly complex and expanding technology is crucial when trying to minimize expenses. Up time and access to your key practice systems such as document management, time tracking, email, and scheduling is critical to serving the needs of your clients and to running an efficient organization.

Legal Service Solutions from All and 1 are aligned with your firm’s business objectives and work together to improve efficiencies and productivity resulting in increased client and partner confidence. IT infrastructure, integrated applications, information portals, and financial management solutions will allow you to increase responsiveness to client needs and demands offset by the need to generate revenues. 

Key Components

Helpdesk Service – assisting end users with daily issues

Proactive Monitoring – of key systems to prevent downtime and lost productivity

Executive Level Advisory Services – assisting with technology and strategic planning

Integration Services – allowing key business applications to interface

Business Continuity Planning – keeping you performing at all times

Self-service Functionality – enabling employees to perform a range of tasks that they would otherwise defer to IT

Streamline Financial Processes – automatically presenting formerly disparate sources of information in a single view

Easy Data Search –  finding both structured and unstructured information such as email messages and documents

Web Based Portals – sharing data and relevant applications to your clients and partners

Want to Know More?

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