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Email Archiving Sonian is the cloud archiving pioneer whose proven platform archives billions of objects for thousands of clients in 40 countries. Protect IP. Perform Discovery. Find Answers. Reduce Expenses

cube-tranUnlimited Retention. Unlimited Storage. We Preserve, Protect and Present the World’s Information


Sonian: 5 Numbers in 45 seconds

Cloud-Based Email Archiving: Archive, index and search your email – in less than 20 minutes


Data preservation is about more than backup. With Sonian’s cloud-based email archive, your business data is searchable – and actionable. Save every message because you never know. Search every message when you need to know. Find exactly what you need in seconds. More than 14,000 clients in 40 countries trust Sonian’s proprietary, secure, state-of-the-art archiving platform to preserve data, protect intellectual property, comply with data retention regulations, address discovery requests and cut IT costs. Take advantage of cloud economics. With cloud-based email archiving, you reduce IT expenses (compared to on-premises archiving). There’s no hardware or software to buy, no maintenance to perform and no need to have someone onsite for days or even weeks of implementation. With Sonian, you archive, index and search your email – in less than 20 minutes. Plus, you get unlimited storage and unlimited retention for an affordable and predictable cost. – See more at:     


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