Server Virtualization

Desktop Virtualization

Improve your business agility, productivity, and application performance. Provide new benefits of next generation virtualization platforms, including capacity management, predicative analytics and data protection.

To say that virtualization changed the way businesses use and purchase hardware is an understatement. Simply spinning up a new VM on existing hardware is worlds easier than purchasing and provisioning a physical server to match a new workload. However, even though vitalization has allowed us to abstract workloads from the underlying hardware, those physical resources are still the backbone of any data center. Without a solid foundation of hardware resources, bottlenecks and resource contention problems can cripple a data center. The ease with which admins can provision a new VM can lead to VM sprawl, causing major networking headaches as admins struggle to track networked devices and avoid network bottlenecks.

Modern servers are shipping with massive amounts of memory, multiple network interface cards and support for solid-state storage. With all the options available, it’s hard to know what you need. All and 1 help its clients develop a plan, outline needs, and implement the required virtualization components.


Virtualization Focus Areas

Companies are virtualizing their infrastructure to improve productivity, reduce costs, and deploy software in a faster  time frame.  In addition, proper implementation of a virtual server environment can significantly improve recovery time and be catalyst for redefining business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

Service Delivery: Includes hardware and software procurement and installation.  Migration to the new virtual environment including business continuity/disaster recovery, backup and security considerations.

Service Operations: Includes monitoring and alerting, troubleshooting, licensing management, cost management, optimization and continuous improvement through analytics.

All and 1 Virtualization Services support clients looking to reduce power consumption and hardware footprint with a more scalable solution that provides flexibility for testing environments and faster server provisioning.

All and 1 Virtualization Services

Our offerings include:

  • VMWare (vSphere) and Hyper-V specialized projects
  • Physical to virtual server migrations or Hyper-V to VMWare migrations
  • Cloud platform integration with virtual environments
  • Managed Virtual Server: proactive monitoring and alerting, proactive health checks, monthly updates and patching on physical host and virtual machines
  • Hosted Managed Virtual Server: procurement and configuration of virtual servers in the cloud
  • Test workload scenarios to ensure scalability of your server and integration infrastructure.